Service object

To provide quality services for government agencies, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, communities, the masses and other customers.

Service advantages

Day wen group has a professional and efficient production, experienced and innovative team, adhering to the "innovation, creativity, rigorous, unity, integrity," the idea, relies on the talent, research and development, strategic cooperation resource advantages, such as company not only successful services many large enterprises and government units, and many times the cords and the related enterprise departments jointly create large culture and brand activities.

Event case


Examples of guangdong (zhuhai) cultural and creative design competition in 2018
As the co-organizer of the 2018 guangdong (zhuhai) cultural and creative design competition, I was responsible for the overall planning, event setting and execution of the competition. With the competition as the starting point, we will build a platform for the cultural and creative industry, gather cultural and creative design talents, encourage the development of high-quality cultural and creative design products, and lay a foundation for guangdong to build a strong cultural and creative province.

The exhibition case

The 14th shenzhen expo zhuhai pavilion
Responsible for the site planning, site design, site construction and other work of the exhibition hall of zhuhai of the 14th shenzhen cultural expo in 2018. Designed the activity exhibition hall with local elements according to customer needs, which won a lot of visitors' attention and unanimous praise.


The 6th zhuhai city volunteer fair in 2018
For the 6th zhuhai municipal volunteer fair organizing unit in 2018, this activity was planned, designed and implemented. The innovation activity form, the activity content, obtains the activity result which exceeds the expectation, the spot atmosphere is hot.

Member activity cases

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