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Founded in 2016, the company is the holding subsidiary of guangdong tianrong cultural industry group co., LTD., which focuses on the design and development of creative products. The company design team by the national industrial design center set up the original team, the existing original designers more than30, the design team has repeatedly won the national product innovation design award. Establishment with a forward-looking vision, handy crossover design application and innovation ability, become a product design research and development of many brand enterprise strategic partners, such as Bosch, gree, midea, haier has hundreds of enterprises to provide product design services, has accumulated a large number of outstanding case works, and several related colleges and universities and the country to establish the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, the design of production, study and research and development center.

As zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao to serve the large bay area of innovative product design, research and development company day melt star he grasps "the design oriented to innovation as the power, to apply for the root" of the core idea, according to industry development combined with actual customer demand to develop product development plan, from the appearance, function, technology and product market positioning, production cost budget for the overall planning, to meet customer needs, by increasing the competitiveness of products and innovation to achieve strategic objectives of the company.

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Industrial design
Industrial design
Brand packaging design
Brand packaging design
The product design and development
The product design and development
Derivative development of artists' works
Derivative development of artists' works
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Gift custom
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